My dog loves a good foot-petting session. I got him when I was still in high school and my mother would always yell at me for being rude to him. » 2/17/15 9:22pm 2/17/15 9:22pm

It sounds like he's using cheat engine. It's hardly hacking. I think all he did was lock the timer value at 1 second and then complete the game "naturally" or whatever you want to call it. It's pretty clear he's not an experienced cheater at least, since like you said he doesn't know what a float variable is. » 2/08/15 5:00pm 2/08/15 5:00pm

So glad I'm not the only one that thought of that. It's so close to that scene, which I thought was a pretty great scene in the second worst movie I've ever seen. » 2/04/15 12:25am 2/04/15 12:25am

As a San Antonio native, I must respectfully disagree. Austin is nice, and I love the hill country, but there are not many cities around here to visit » 1/10/15 12:19am 1/10/15 12:19am

This probably needs to be said more often. Pretty clearly not a mass-market item. It makes me want to buy one of the cheaper options from Sony, and I'm guessing that's the point » 1/06/15 3:03am 1/06/15 3:03am

I hate to say it, but it could sound cool if he was seducing you, rather than you watch him seduce your character. Chances are, you're not as excited as the Inquisitor is. » 12/03/14 2:50am 12/03/14 2:50am

From a strictly gameplay perspective that's pretty much true, and that's great, but I like to think there is, or at least can be, a bit more to games. Far Cry 2 and 3 both had gameplay that matched the overall theme of the story. Both told stories with their mechanics. When Far Cry 4 is using the same mechanics as 3,… » 11/20/14 8:16pm 11/20/14 8:16pm

To be entirely fair, games are pretty centered around frenetic combat. I realize that not all of them are, but it takes up way more time in games than in does in movies or comics. » 10/06/14 4:57pm 10/06/14 4:57pm

For certain games I think that's valid. Like the saints row games or really any game based around being silly. But if many games are trying to make the jump to a serious story telling medium, then we have to start critiquing them as on that level as well. » 10/06/14 2:03am 10/06/14 2:03am